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As a dynamic and open-minded music professional, Kendall K Williams Music is expressive in both his talent as well as his visual art. Below you will find a variety of videos that encompass the creativity and skills of Kendall K Williams Music. These clips will give you a look into the style and tone of the work that he is involved in.

Melodic Concept i

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Melodic Concept i is an original composition created from the explorations of the melodic minor scales. The piece was written for Piano for 4 hands.

Flat Lines

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"Silence is just as nerve wrecking as a constant pitch. When will it be broken?"
Kendall K Williams
Flat Lines is an original composition written for string quartet. Jack Quartet was captured rehearsing the piece for a Princeton Sound Kitchen (PSK) Concert at Princeton University, NJ.

5 Rules

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5 Rules is an original composition for percussion quartet. The piece is broken up into 5 sections with a different set of rules for each section. Some of the rules include "Follow the leader" and "Cat and Mouse" a chase sequence that allows the performers to have fun, make the piece their own, and leave everyone wondering what will happen next.

Scene (panorama tune)

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Scene is a popular soca tune sung and composed by GBM Nutron and arranged by Kendall K Williams in 2016 for the annual New York Labor day panorama competition.


Press Play

Conception is an original composition for small orchestra and small steel pan orchestra. This performance was by the New York University Contemporary Music Ensemble.

Brooklyn, NY

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